2008 Altpick Awards Entries


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1 "Past Presidents"
A series of fictional painted portraits of the somewhat forgotten presidents of the past.
Artist: Beth Newell

2 "Doors and Stalagtites"
1-Monster and boy going through doors 2-Cave scene
Artist: Danielle Criswell

3 "Tropen Museum Posters"
I was commissioned to do a series of paintings/posters for an ad campaign for the Tropen Museum in Amsterdam. The museum had acquired 5 new artifacts and wanted an illustration to depict the story behind each piece.
Artist: Chris Buzelli

4 "War of Words"
The series focuses on the dynamic behind 10 different universal arguments: politics, love, childhood, sports, customer service, religion, protests, parenthood, friendship and self.
Artist: Fernanda Cohen

5 "The Peculiar Crimes Unit Mysteries"
Covers for the US editions of British author Christopher Fowler's Peculiar Crimes Unit Mysteries.
Artist: Sarah J. COleman

6 "Crispy Kid"
Crispy Kid is a wordless story that explores the state of disfigurement through the eyes of a child. Chris is a nine year old boy who has scars from third degree burns on most of his body. Because of this, it is just as difficult for him to accept himself as it is for those around him.
Artist: Rich Tu

7 "Zodiac signs"
6 of 12 Zodiac signs illustrated for a letterpressed calendar. Gemini, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Taurus.
Artist: Tim Tomkinson

8 "RockStar Animals"
Promotional series done for postcard mailing and website
Artist: Brian Taylor Illustration

9 "Teach Me Torah"
Illustrations of the book Teach Me Torah , 1. God and Creation –Creation of the World 2. God and Creation –Caring for the World 3. Noah 4. Jacob and Esau 5. Joseph gets his new Dream Coat 6. Jonah and the Whale
Artist: Giovannina Colalillo

10 "Social Issues"
Here are six images from a series of 16 ilustrations from myself based on social issues. The images are part of a promotional booklet based on the idea of societies modern day perceptions of various issues which we all interact with on a daily basis.
Artist: Jay Taylor

11 "Bravissimo!"
Ad campaign for a company specialising in bras made to fit - each woman sized up perfectly for her new one, with many tiny, minute measurements taken. Since it is a well-known fact, of course, that the majority of women at any time are wearing the wrong bra size.
Artist: Sarah J. Coleman

12 "stories"
personal work
Artist: Nikki Hill

13 "Fashion Meets Sports"
Promotional pieces featuring a fusion of fashion and sports, targeting advertising.
Artist: Fernanda Cohen

14 "Karma and Parallel Universes"
Every year Three in a Box creates a themed publication known as The Box Lunch; it showcases our editorial and storytelling talents. This year's theme was open to anything concerning duality, karma, or parallel universes. I illustrated a spread for the inside, Karma, and my parallel universes piece was used on the front and back covers.
Artist: Claudia Newell

15 "Female Icons of Modern Music"
The style and colors on this piece represent each artist's individuality and personality. These performers have many things in common, but mainly, each one is easily recognizable by it's iconic style, energetic persona and undeniable talent on stage. Piece done for the Florida Music Festival Rock Walk Art Show.
Artist: Plinio Pinto

16 "My Spiritual Reading Cards"
5 of 73 photo illustrations being currently produced for a spiritual reading card deck (similar to a Tarot deck). Photo based illustrations.
Artist: Elena Ray

17 "Good Old-Fashioned Service"
A series of six ads produced for Sainsbury's Pharmacy, UK. The brief was to communicate 'old fashioned service, thoroughly modern medicine' by illustrating chuckle-worthy old wives tales (or are they?) for assorted agues and ailments. Aged, wobbly, hand-drawn, idiosyncratic type was called for, so where no font could reach, Inkymole's nibs stepped in. Type was drawn in a variety of secret magical inks on stained/handmade papers, along with incidental illustrations. Scanned, with very little cleaning-up, they were topped with Sainsbury's house font to create the final posters. The series was shortlisted for the CBS Outdoor Underground Writer prize (for copywriting and rendition). Paid
Artist: Sarah J Coleman

18 "Eye on Ergonomics"
1. MSD Modus Operandi. New Prevention Guideline for Musculoskeletal disorders offers workplace a framework for action. 2. Visual Ergonomics The way we use our eyes can determine how well we work throughout our lifetime. 3. Aging Ergonomics Recognize and control the risk factors that will keep our fast aging workforce happy and healthy longer. 4. Preventing MSD’s at OPG. How the Ontario Power Generation has responded to evolution Musculoskeletal Disorders hazards.
Artist: Giovannina Colalillo

19 "Loveseries08"
3 illustrations about love feeling
Artist: Stefan defago

20 "about banksy"
Editorial illustration about the urban artist "Banksy", created for Creator Magazine.
Artist: Eduardo Bertone

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