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[ January 10th, 2006 ]   For much of her life, people asked creative director Sally Hogshead if she was the sister of Nancy Hogshead, the world championship swimmer who won a silver and three gold medals in the Olympics. So Sally got a kick out of it when someone recently asked Nancy if she was related to the famous creative director. Sally says with a wink that she's the underachiever of the family. But given her record, which includes six One Show Pencils by age 24, she has more than earned the advertising equivalent of Olympic gold.

In 2001 Hogshead left her own agency, Robaire & Hogshead, which she'd founded at age 27, to launch Crispin Porter + Bogusky's Venice, Calif., office. The opportunity was enormous, but the timing left much to be desired. The grand opening was September 10, 2001. As of Day Two, Hogshead was responsible for the bottom line at a time when no bookie in Vegas would have put odds on her success. Yet she managed to create opportunities from scratch, winning accounts such as AeroMexico, The Fine Living Network, and FX, as well as handling work for MINI, Ikea, and Rock the Vote.

As she led CP+B through choppy, post-9/11 waters, she made frequent trips to the bookstore, searching for the right career manual. Barnes & Noble came up short every time, offering only books for Baby Boomers or college grads, not for professionals who've already figured out how to write that killer cover letter. So Hogshead devised her own code of action. That code became an article for Creativity Magazine, which outlined 14 "radical truths" about building the career you love. The article inspired more than 1,000 readers to write in response (and one bachelor to propose marriage). "Jump," readers radical truth No.11, "and a net will appear." These words from a woman who has made a habit of diving headlong into that net countless times. Her latest dive is no exception.

In 2003, Hogshead's doctor prescribed four months of bed rest during a difficult pregnancy. She left CP+B bound for bed. In lieu of daytime TV, she began writing the first, then the second and third, chapters of the book, RADICAL CAREERING:100 Truths for Reclaiming Your Job, Your Career, and Your Life. Based on the core principles of her article, not to mention her personal experience, the book, now finished, aims to help professionals in all industries get as much out of their careers as they put in. "Work is a two-way street," she says. "If give a high degree of effort to your career, you deserve to get every bit as much from it: opportunities, fulfillment, community, meaning. Otherwise, you're wasting your career."

As she wrote the book, Hogshead began to reflect on the direction of her own professional life. "What kind of career did I want to invent?" she says. "In between watching reality TV shows, I found the answer." Back on her feet after giving birth to a happy, healthy baby named Azalea, Hogshead reclaimed and created her own perfect career, one that taps into her skills as a leader and makes her look forward to Monday mornings.

She's a "SWAT creative director," and the job is as intense as it sounds. On a freelance basis, Hogshead works with agencies and clients all over the country, providing turbocharged services when shops don't have the in-house creative direction they need when clients want one-of-a-kind nontraditional thinking. As a SWAT creative director, Hogshead steps in to develop ideas, win business, oversee creative, and generally jumpstart momentum in an intense time frame. "I love developing things," she says. "Now business pitches, or ideas, or agencies, or relationships-you name it. That's what gets me excited. Crazy, hyper, high-school-crush excited."

In the year since the above article originally appeared in ALT Pick Magazine, Radical Careering was bought by Penguin and published in September 2005. Below are Sally's top picks for 2006 from RADICAL TRUTHS:

    Radical Truth 5:
    Quality of work, quality of life, or quality of compensation. Pick one.

    Radical Truth 12:
    Luck is for wimps.

    Radical Truth 15:
    Aspire to be the dumbest person in the room.

    Radical Truth 19:
    Being in a crap job isn't your fault. Staying in a crap job is.

    Radical Truth 31:
    You can be comfortable, or outstanding, but not both.

    Radical Truth 47:
    Results + reputation + network = your market value

    Radical Truth 55:
    Never allow the size of your mortgage to exceed the quality of your work.

    Radical Truth 67:
    Mistakes are tuition.

    Radical Truth 77:
    Expect people to say you can't make it.

    Radical Truth 99:
    Expressing your truest self is the ultimate competitive advantage.

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- Contributed by Tiffany Meyers

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