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As a self-taught artist, it is with much joy that I share with you my Spirit inspired creations. The practice of gratitude, patience, perseverance and the art of allowing are disciplines that I have come to embrace and appreciate for the depth of self-awareness that I have thus far experienced. I believe that creativity is within each of us. Our imagination is the creative spark that enables us to define who and what we are as we reveal, explore and expand our uniqueness, which is as singular as a snowflake or an autumn leaf is unto itself. I love to create and the freedom of expression that flows when one is in that space. It is my sincere desire to inspire in you the viewer, a feeling of wonder, enchantment and curiosity as I bring to you this sensual dance of playful energy, vibrant color and unique design. Quoting Joseph Campbell, who once said "Follow Your Bliss". I am.
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