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I have worked with the visual arts most of my adult working life. My experience started in newspapers in Minneapolis, MN, moved to Fargo ND, where I worked in print and TV., winning numerous local and regional awards for my work. I started a film career by working on the feature film Wooly Boys. From this experience I was inspired to form a film production company in Los Angeles, Opal Films. Myron’s Movie our company’s first feature went on to numerous film festivals including Ciniquest one of the top ten film festivals in the world. Today I am Development Director for The Forum Communications Company one of the largest family owned media companies in the U.S. I also am president of Kototama Publishing a book publishing company. I am a father of three girls and live with my wife, Chris Linnares in Fargo, where I am finishing my first novel Scars; It’s a Matter of Life and Death. I have also just started production on my 2nd photography book. Beautiful Women of North Dakota. A book capturing women’s inner beauty..

“ The fact of capturing pieces of life on film has been a passion of mine for years. When I was first learning about how to see, I was taking photos for a photo class at a mission in Grand Forks ND. A Native American gentleman came up to me demanding that I give him the film back. He told me that taking someone’s photograph captures a part of their spirit and soul. I soon learned he was right. Photography does have the ability to capture spirits. This is why I take pictures. I remember every moment of every photo I have taken. I can tell you what the place smelled like, if it was warm or cold, Truly capturing the spirit of the moment and at times glimpses of the soul. I hope I pass this on to the reader.”

It has been said a photograph is worth a thousand words. Great photography is not merely described by words. Great photography is felt. Great photography tells a story. As you look at my photos I believe they also tell a story. Stories that have been dipped in the history of some of photography’s masters. I have just finished my first solo show at Rourke Art Museum where I broke a record held for 41 years of most photography sold.

I have a BS in Communications from the University of North Dakota, 1989. I have been involved in some aspect of photography for many of the last 25 years. I have worked as a photographer for a daily newspaper, sold commercial work for a photo studio, photographed and designed award winning advertising campaigns. Over the years I have traveled much of the world photographing life’s everyday pain, sadness and joy. This is my life’s passion. I look forward to hearing from you about my photography.
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