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Artist Message


I grew up at the beach and started surfing at 12, lucky kid.
Spoke a dialect peppered with terms like ‘stoked’, ‘bitchin’ and ‘dude’.
Still use dude a lot.
Thought I wanted to be a writer, an ad copywriter no less.
Things got in the way, like surfing and beach volleyball.
The latter led me to photography classes, long story.
One day, I got called to camera assist for an ad shooter.
Full-time job, lasted a year, haven’t had a job since. Not that kind anyway.
I jumped into my own business and haven’t looked back.
The view’s better looking forward.
Now I take pictures all the time, and tell stories with them.
Just like a writer. Go figure.
Motion? Oh yeah, I’ve done a lot of that too.
Shot a short film (first time for everything) to pitch a piece of business.
Got the business and then directed like 100 some TV spots. Shot on film.
Don’t do that much anymore. The film part I mean.
Today I need that assistant I once was, so I can find all my files at the end of the day.
I guess I should tell you that I talk a lot, but I listen more.
Otherwise, I’d shoot myself.
Not with a camera.
Contact me so I can hear what you’re up to.
Let’s tell a story.