The Big Show

Event dates: Dec 14, 2019 - Feb 08, 2020


Caridad Kennedy

Bruno Nadalin

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The earliest art images known to man were cave paintings which depicted animals to help tell the story of their lives, giving animals a mythic and symbolic presence. Artists have continued to be interested in animals as subject matter. Peaceable Kingdom by Edward Hicks takes its theme from a passage in the bible which tells of the animals gathering together in harmony, Guernica by Picasso tells a story of war, Deborah Butterfield’s horses are a metaphorical substitute for herself, Louise Bourgeois’ spiders allude to the strength of her mother, and were used as a symbol of nurturing and protection. Animals are of great importance as companions to humans, bringing joy and comfort into our lives. We cherish animals as part of our families, and also consider them our friends and protectors. Animals, insects and even micro-organisms have important roles in the ecosystem, co-existing and balancing each other out. Some animals and insects help to reduce negative impacts on the globe, addressing issues such as global warming and pollution. Animals deserve our respect. Issues around extinction and the care and treatment of animals are of the utmost importance. How are artists incorporating animals into their artwork today? What meaning is placed upon animals and how are animals used as image, symbol and metaphor in artists works today?

The exhibit presents artist Kim Wiseman among other notable artists who incorporate animals into their artwork today. Viewers will come to understand the meaning artists place upon animals and how animals are used as image, symbol and metaphor in artists works today.
Artists include: Alpana Mittal, Adriana Robertson, Alan Walker, Allen Strombosky, Andra Samelson, Andrea Geller, Anne Q McKeown, Beatrice M Mady, Bill Stamos, Brad Terhune, Bruno Nadalin, Bud McNichol, Caridad Kennedy, Carmen Recio, Caroline Burton, Casey McGarr, Cheryl Gross, Cheryl Hochberg, Chris Garcia, Eileen Ferara, Emily Broussard, Eugenio Espinosa, Gloria Adams, HJ Kleiber, Ibou Ndoye, Jane Dell, Jane Westrick, Jane Zweibel, Jodie Fink, Joe Lugara, Joshua Field, Joy Bush, Judith Witlin, Katharina Litchman, Katie Niewodowski, Kevin McCaffrey, Kim Wiseman, Laura Lou Levy, Laura Pawson, Linda Byrne, Linda Gottesfeld, Lizzie Scott, Lola Sandino Stanton, Lori Field, Lydia Viscardi, Lyubava Kroll, Marcia G. Yerman, Mary Beth King, Michael Lavorgna, Milosz Koziej, Mollie Thonneson, Nanette Reynolds Beachner, Pam Marchin, Rachel Aisenson, Rebecca Major, Robert Levy, Robert Zurer, Ry An, Sarah Walko, Scot Wittman, Stephen Krasner, Steven Barker, Tracy Kerdman, Vija Doks, Zewen Wang.

The Big Show

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