The Hero Art Project - Portraits of Healthcare Workers Exhibit

Event dates: Oct 10, 2020 - Oct 25, 2020

Description: The Hero Art Project, an exhibit of portraits of Healthcare Workers who have passed away while fighting Covid:19. The project, which was initiated this past summer and opened 10.10.20 at The Big Screen Plaza in NYC bringing together the families of these fallen healthcare workers from around the world (see photos and names below).

This beautiful project continues as it has brought so much needed healing to both the art and health communities as well as their families. We are now proud to announce that the exhibit has been extended, as it transfers to the windows of Ideal Glass Studios on 9 West 8th Street in NYC until October 25th, 2020.

Given the very public nature of the screen, our art collective wanted to give back to the heroic communities that have been on the frontlines, hence The Hero Art Project was conceived, featuring artists from around the world (see the full list below). This public tribute is especially poignant as many of the families were not allowed to have public funerals and the physical comfort of many of their loved ones during the lockdown. It is our hope that the art will convey the human lives and stories behind the statistics.

Currently, there are almost 40 portraits completed. However, Covid has taken the lives of almost 1000 healthcare workers worldwide. The current plan is to continue matching families and artists to create more portraits of these brave individuals and then hold a larger public exhibit during World Health Worker Week in April 2021 on multiple screens around the US and the world. Please let us know if you can spread the word.

October 2020
Daily from 1-5pm
Ideal Glass Atrium
9 West 8th Street
New York, NY

Wear a mask and please practice social distancing

Featuring the healthcare workers who passed and the portrait artist:

Anjanette Miller By Mandy Jayne Ahlfors - Community First Medical Center in Chicago

Antonia Sisemore By Imai Atsushi - Stollwood Convalescent Hospital in Sacramento

Devin Francis By Richard Levine & Noa Bergman - Jackson Memorial Hospital

Don R. Batayola By Dexter Stringfellow - Occupational Therapist, NJ

Dr. Arthur Friedman. By Laurie Simko - Independent Physician Association of Nassau/Suffolk counties

Dr. Barry Sakowitz By Denisa Klemscheová - Downstate Medical Center, in Brooklyn. Montefiore Medical Center and the Veterans Administration Medical Center, County Medical Center and Montefiore Medical Center.

Dr. Frank Gabrin By Elizabeth Lada - East Orange General Hospital

Dr. Gary Sclar By Cindy Press - Mount Sinai Queens

Dr. Herbert Paul Henderson By Paul Fuguet de Goyeneche - Manchester Family Medicine the Medical Examiner for Carroll County, MD

Dr. Irving Buterman By Stephen Gardner - Lenox Hill Hospital

Dr. Jessie Ariel Ferreras. By Tammy Novak - Valley Medical Group

Dr. Jorge Vallejo & Dr. Carlos Vallejo By Whitney Bennett - Palmetto Hospital and Hialeah hospital

Dr. Jose Gabriel López-Plascencia ByMarlena Vega

Dr. Lorna Breen By Linda Lowery - New York Presbyterian

Dr. Sam E. Scolaro By Yafa Negrete - Brandon Hospital, Tampa General Hospital

Alex Bass By Lady J - Coney Island Hospital

Aleyamma John RN By Lynne St. Clare Foster - Queens Hospital

Earl Bailey RN By Patricia Goslee - Florida Medical Center in Lauderdale Lakes

Ellyn Schreiner By Celeste Wiseblood - Crossroads Hospice

Felisicimo Luna By Michelle Benjamin - Trinitas Regional Medical Center

James House By Peggy Polynice - Omni Continuing Care

Jay Hyman By Monique Huebel - Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

Jeffrey Baumbach By Elizabeth Hedges - St. Joseph’s Medical Center, CA

John Abruzzo By Christian Kunze - Huntington Hospital, NY

John P. Careccia By Lore Eckelberry - EMS chief and training director at Woodbridge Township Ambulance & Rescue Squad

Joshua Bush RN By Therese Tan - Nursing Student, University of South Carolina Aiken

Kelly Mazzarella By Angelika Jelich - Montefiore Mount Vernon Hospital

Kious Kelly By Christina Friscia - Mount Sinai West

Lois Ann Ashcraft-Merrell By Merrilyn Duzy - Jefferson Regional Medical Center, AK

MaryBeth Papetti RN By Kathleen Bifulco - Hackensack Hospital, NJ

Renee French By Juan Rodrigo Jimenez Guzman - New York Presbyterian

Sean Boynes By Yoo Choong Yeul - Anne Arundel Medical Center, MD

Susannah Perlman

The Hero Art Project - Portraits of Healthcare Workers Exhibit
[ Copyright ©Lynne St Clare (Foster) ]

The Hero Art Project - Portraits of Healthcare Workers Exhibit

The Hero Art Project - Portraits of Healthcare Workers Exhibit

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