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Hello everybody! I am a freelance illustrator and designer living and working in Minneapolis MN. I have been working for myself for almost 2 years. Before that I worked in the art department at Copycats Media ( I made cd and dvd packaging). Before that I designed and manufactured signs and banners at Kinko’s. Before that I was a water meter reader (walked around and got chased by dogs). Before that I attended School at the art institutes international of Minnesota, where I majored in graphic design (00-02). Before that, at one point in my childhood, my dream was to draw teenage mutant ninja turtles comics for a living.

When I’m not doing artsy designerly type stuff (which is rare) I can be found at random concerts, watching Lost, catching a flick at the lagoon, reading a vonegut book, or sucking at basketball. I also like to wander aimlessly around the city. So if you see me out yell “Hey Chuck! Think fast!” Then throw something at me. I will react with lightning fast speed and agility. Swiftly roundhouse kicking the object directly back into your hands.

Throughout the years I have done roughly 200+ projects. I have worked with awesome people from N.Y to L.A and everywhere in between. My work has been on everything from magazine covers to album covers to t-shirts. I’ve had my work shown in galleries in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and even in London. I have been featured in a couple magazines and even more blogs. And even won an award (1st place in density studios art of design). I say all this to let you know that I take what I do very seriously. So you can feel confident in hiring me for your project. Even though it kinda sounds like bragging.
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