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My name is Clare Thompson, I am a Fine Art Painter and Illustrator based in Chester, UK.

I grew up in Liverpool and studied Illustration in Manchester, North England. I believe this may have influenced my visual preferences for industrial and urban imagery. The images I create often combine elements of this with natural patterns and biological or human forms. However I choose not to stick to one set subject matter or "niche", preferring to use subject matter as a means of communication which can be adapted to best communicate an idea.

My work is primarily figurative with a touch of the surreal in some cases. I ensure that my paintings and illustrations are unique and distinguishable due to the way in which I experiment with composition, surface and structure in the design process.

I am currently working on sequential art projects, the first of which was an independent graphic novel titled Stormcaller, published in late 2017. The printing of the book was funded through Kickstarter where the project received great support.

Alongside my personal work I have created artwork for various clients including Selfridges, London where I spent a week as Artist in Residence creating artwork for Barbour fragrances. My work has been featured in Ambit magazine and I regularly contribute to Knock Knock zine, edited by independent comic creators Frisson Comics.

My artwork has been exhibited in a number of locations including the Conningsby Gallery, London, Open Studios, Brighton and in Chester and Liverpool City Centre. This year I am exhibiting my illustration work at a number of sequential art festivals and comic conventions across the UK including Leeds Thought Bubble.

I am currently open to painting or illustration commissions. Comments and feedback are very welcome so please feel free to get in touch via the contact page.

Thank you for visiting.

My online portfolio can be viewed at www.clarethompsonart.com
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