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After earning my BFA in photography from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2007, I spent the better part of two years away from my art work to pursue musical endeavors. But as these became ever more serious, I found myself with less and less time for my art, and I've since returned to photography with a renewed sense of dedication.

My interests in regards to my work are well-rounded and wide-ranging. The most prevalent currently include art history, theology, psychology, and biology, with an over-arching theme of historiography. More recently included are personal struggles, experiences, and pit-falls. These broader interests are regularly infused in my work and used as mechanisms that help to formulate and enrich the art on both the conceptual and visual level.

I love to steal from history - to throw up a temporal drag net and see what I can catch. I believe my strength as an artist lies in my ability to fuze my interests with what the drag net brings in, and synthesize it all into bodies of work that often use iconic, archetypal imagery to distill larger ideas down to intelligent, visually-stimulating, and relevant works of art.

I currently live and work in New York City, I love chocolate and Japanese food, and I'll listen to anything from Ramstein to latin jazz.
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