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Matt Danko specializes in medical, technical and scientific illustration and design.

Matt earned his Bachelor of Applied Arts (Illustration) Degree Program at Sheridan Polytech, seeking to combine his love for sciences, technology and visual art. Matt's career path evolved from journalism into an interest in scientific illustration in college, where for four years he created illustrations of everything from the complex internal mechanisms of a grand piano to the predatory habits of deep-sea anglerfish.

Matt has experience working with various subjects and disciplines (in realms such as anatomy, patho-biology, product illustration, information graphics, logo design, typography, package design, architecture, photo-realism, concept art, game design and technical writing). Matt also has extensive experience working with both digital and traditional media to create various detailed cutaways, exploded views, phantom views, perspectives, isometrics, obliques, architectural illustrations, educational textbook illustrations and vector images.

If you would like to contact Matt, please email him at or visit Matt’s website ( to browse more of his work.
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