Artist Message


Before his death, my best friend and I had talked about taking a photo trip to Jackson Mississippi. We just got around to it!

Part of the allure of photography for me has always been the freedom of just getting out in the world, seeing new things and photographing them. I have always had a kind of childlike fascination with new places and seeing the way the world works and how different things can be. This was an idea which I shared with my best friend of 13 years and whose untimely death help speed up my process of doing the things I’ve always wanted to do. So while seeing something new was an interest in going to Jackson, this particular trip had an emotional element for me as well.

With so much of my creative time having been spent lately on new technology, I wanted, maybe needed, to stretch a few muscles! I came up through photography being very interested in documentary photography and I really wanted to get back to shooting in that way. The images in the Queen of Hearts club is me kind of getting back to a style of shooting which I think is (possibly) getting…not lost, but maybe confused. While I’m not one to stand around and wonder where all the good times went, I think this style of shooting is amazingly important and one which I fully intend on continuing to pursue and refine (in terms of my own abilities).