Deck design by Clare Ultimo
Deck photo by Kent Miller

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The Alternative Pick Deck #4

Alternative Pick is pleased to present the 20th Anniversary Edition of The Alternative Pick with the 4th edition of the Altpick Deck. Creative Buyers find this promotional marketing tool a favorite for locating the finest commercial illustrators, photographers, and designers in our industry. Choose from a stunning selection of stellar talent with creative vision that is sure to inspire, producing work well beyond your expectations. Take a look and let the magic begin!

Art Directors, Creative Directors, Art Buyers and Photo Editors are eligible for complimentary copies. Please use the form below to contact us or if you would prefer, contact us by phone at (212) 675-4176.

Artists Included

We are proud to present the following artists in the 20th Anniversary Edition of The Alternative Pick Deck:


Gina Binkley
Blair Bunting
CJ Burton
Bryan Cole
Kyle Dreier
Edward Gajdel
Tim Gilman
William Hawkes
Scott Lowden
Kent Miller
Tadd Myers
Lennette Newell
Bob Packert
Simon Puschmann
Frank Schott
Chris Sembrot
Kevin Steele
Zave Smith
Hemali Acharya Zaveri


Sergio Baradat
Tim Butler
Robert Carter
Daniel Fishel
Takahisa Hashimoto
Viktor Koen
Lacko Illustration
Tansy Myer
Ken Orvidas
Chris Roth
Arlen Schumer
Mark T, Smith


Clare Ultimo
Kevin Dresser
Smay Design

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2006 Awards Booklet
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