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Diana Stith Brennan was born and raised in Rhode Island, a landscape of woodlands and shorelines. While always fascinated by her father's old Minolta SLR camera, Diana didn't delve into photography in earnest until high school, when she took her first black and white photography class. She was immediately hooked. She discovered the power that photography had to communicate her unique view of the world to others.

Diana graduated with a degree in Environmental Science and Management from the University of Rhode Island in 2002. She started her art photography business, D.S. Brennan Photography, in early 2006. In addition to her photography, Diana works in the environmental field, continually learning about and being inspired by nature.

Diana shoots mainly with a digital SLR camera, but also enjoys using vintage film cameras and experimenting with different techniques. She believes that the essence of a scene is often captured best by photographing the details. Her work evokes her love of natural New England, her awareness of the environment, and her passion to create.
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