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Hi I am a freelance artist and illustrator with a fondness for animals, cooking, exploring, and good design. I have a passion for a carefree way of living and embracing the fruits of life. Whether being a freelance or a full time print designer for your company or agency, I am ready to live out my dream job in your creative studios. I love to party with patterns while rockin' my tunes and soaking up inspiration from all around me. My work is a unique mix between whimsical pattern and a fun carefree unique style that is influenced by everything in nature, fun summery bright colors, music, pop culture (especially in the 60s and 70s), and the cultures and artwork of countries in the mediterranean and the middle east. I am a SCAD Grad born and raised in Philadelphia who loves collaborating with other designers and creating designs that are bright and make an impact no matter what the season.

As for my illustration experience I have written, illustrated, and self-published my own children's book called "Waffle's Day at the Beach", published in SCAN Magazine Atlanta, and I have done many illustrations for business and private individuals such as music festival posters, promotion pieces, film posters, logos, character designs, greeting cards, portraits, large and small scale murals, and repeat patterns. I also have my own online store where I sell my artwork as prints and on items such as handbags, cell phone covers, throw pillows and other fun and trendy accessories. I have a fun up-beat hard-working attitude, that spunky and motivated carefree spirit, and the love to create art for print on anything from shoes to sheets to spatulas. I have a passion for chic lifestyle, a carefree way of living, and I strive towards doing what I love to do as a full-time career. Thank you and keep in touch!

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