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My name is Dwain Thomas, and I’m a part time freelance photographer based in Columbus, OH and Atlanta, GA. With 10 years of experience, I have learn...ed what it takes to be a great photographer. My style stems from contrasty one light source images, to glamorous girls and handsome guys.

I began shooting in 1999 with a Minolta 201 35mm camera in Atlanta, Georgia. With the amazement of photography, I found myself shooting more film than I could get developed. I would walk around Downtown Atlanta and find things to shoot. With no formal schooling or training, I learned by trial and error. Three years later, I bought my first digital camera. With the convenience of digital, I was able to produce images and see my results instantly.

Now 10 years later, I have learned different techniques. Ranging from studio lighting, strobist techniques, and post processing skills. I use Canon film and digital cameras. I own a small Columbus, Ohio studio that offers a personal setting for the clients. My studio offers a variety of backgrounds, props and modifiers to create a stellar image and a winning look.
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