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EverchangingINK; Illustrations by me, Charlie Rae. Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Visual Artist, my work reflects the unsettling, dream-like and even surreal elements of the world I perceive.

Repeated motifs such as candy, claws, rabbits, mystery people and different incarnations of trapped figures are common amongst my over-the-top flowing line drawings of pen and pencil. Comedy flows through the more naïve cartoons where colour takes priority over the line. I adore telling stories so comics and storyboards have a great appeal. Elements of Japanese culture and comic cartoons are strong features and influences, always aiming to achieve an elegant balance between western and eastern style. The materials and techniques used to get that style vary, constantly shifting between what I know to work and finding a new way to do things. Everchanging.

The concepts which inspire my work are most often from sources of music, lyrics from songs that jump out with strong, relatable imagery. They inspire tales which I can tell with my pictures. For this reason I love to do work in music promotion, designing posters, CDs and merchandise to name a few things. Though that area is just one I am interested in, tattooing, comics, advertising all hold an appeal as well. I enjoy seeing my art out there.
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