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A celebrated fine art illustrator, Finn Campbell-Notman's work has featured in infinite newspaper and magazine editorials, book publications, and advertising campaigns. Born in London, Finn grew up in rural Norfolk. He completed his BA (Hons) Illustration at University College Falmouth and received his MA in Communication Art & Design from the Royal Collage of Art. After some years in Barcelona and Andalusia he now lives and works in Bruxelles.

Each of Finn's prints is hand drawn with pencil, scanned and digitally coloured. His exquisite draughtsmanship, warm harmonic tones and balanced composition has led to his work being compared to the Golden Age illustrators. There is a characteristic sense of stillness, warmth of tone, and space to Finn's work that he attributes to the landscape of his upbringing.

"...the Norfolk Broads are always present, exerting their colours and long views, the spare and warm starkness of the atmosphere on my images."

His interests and research in aesthetic and academic theory, literature, and visual practice, gives Finn a unique grasp of contemporary illustrative practice. He has thus contributed his expertise on the subject to documentaries, academic courses, articles and publications worldwide. Finn's art reflects his cultural understanding through subtle or playful reference in artistic technique or style, creating works rich in history and beauty.
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