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My name is Frank!Powers and I'm your new BF!F ... that's Best FRANK! Forever.

I was born in 1981 and raised in Long Island. I've loved comics and cartoons so much that I have based my life around them as I've grown up. I knew in second grade that I wanted to be a cartoonist or a stand up comedian when I got older.

I've just always made people laugh.

I've achieved a goal by going to the School of Visual Arts for a degree in cartooning and illustration.

Just this year, I finally achieved the start of a dream by completely creating and self publishing my very first comic book called FRANKENSTYLIN. Dreams come true if you make them yourself.

My next dream begins as I try and move out of my part-time job and into my full-time career. I want that career to be based around Children's illustration and cartooning. Children's books especially.

I draw adorable things and cute stuff. It's just all I do. I also have the personality of the type of person you would hope draws these. Fun, positive, and inspirational... and I'm cute and fun to be around.

I want to get out of my sketchbook and into the public eye, so thanks for taking the time and please visit my website which links you to the ENTIRE Frankenstylin Universe.

After all, I AM your BF!F
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