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I’m a French freelance photojournalist based in New York since 2006, specializing in news, portraits and event imagery.

After studying Law and Journalism in France, I worked with the photo agency Abaca Press as staff photographer for almost 3 years in the 2nd largest city of France. I used to cover major French political rally, the last presidential campaign, social and economic news as well as entertainment events. My work has been published by most of the French preeminent publications such as l‘Express, le Point, VSD, le Nouvel Observateur, Le Figaro Magazine, Le Monde, l’Expansion, Gala or Point de Vue among others.

In September 2006, I moved to New York and, after a brief stint with Abaca USA and Gamma Press, joined Polaris Images as Contributing Photographer for two years. I covered the U.N General Assemblies, the Pope visit in New York, the economic crisis and Wall Street, the Presidential Campaign, and a lot of Movie Premiere amid a lot of other different stories. My work has been published in the main magazines and websites in USA such as Business Week, Sport Illustrated, Newsweek, Portfolio, Vanity Fair, the New York Magazine, Rolling Stones, Us Weekly, In Touch, and several other publications in the world.

What kind of photographer Am I?

I spent the last five years working as news photographer, looking every day for the best story and the best way to report it. I’ve developed my reactivity and my ability to cover a various range of subject, from a plane crash or a wild fire to a portrait assignment or a movie premiere. I’ve learned to deliver the best of my work even on tight deadlines and arduous conditions. This work gave me experience and knowledge. It made me a versatile photographer, comfortable in various circumstances, ready for new challenges.

I love the perfect shot, the very famous “instant décisif” invented by Cartier Bresson, my eye has been influenced by his sense of sharpness and geometry. I’m always looking for the neatest composition, working mainly with ambient light to preserve the atmosphere of my subject. I balance my work, between news and long term stories, in order to develop a narrative construction adapted to new tools like multimedia productions. I’m deeply committed to exploring the American continent’s social & economic dynamics at every level, from small cultures in its mega capitals to the changing lives of urban communities.
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