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Andrew Hancock is an advertising and editorial photographer currently based out of Indianapolis. He is a Nikon Ambassador with a passion for creating dynamic visuals for a broad range of clients. His work has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated on multiple occasions as well as the cover of TIME magazine and the front page of the New York Times. He has worked on national ad campaigns for various advertising clients as well as in higher education.

While he does a substantial amount of work in the world of sport, he remains incredibly diverse not only in subject matter but also in client base. Andrew finds that this diversity well suits his ADD tendencies. Don't let that fool you though, he is incredibly focused with a work ethic that is hard for anyone to match.

Andrew holds a journalism degree from Texas A&M University and is also an alum of the Eddie Adams Workshop. He has won many awards for his work as a photojournalist, multimedia storyteller and for his advertising and higher education photography. He has also won a chili cook off and has a trophy to show for it.

If there was one talent he wishes he had, it would be the ability to sing. He has a horrible singing voice and just wishes he could sing nicely to his daughter. His assistants can confirm his horrible singing voice. However, his wife is too polite to point it out. He out kicked his coverage when he landed his wife and for that he is immensely grateful. She is a native Hoosier and keeps him grounded and centered.

A non-photographic item you are most likely to find in his camera bag or a pelican case? Haribo gummy bears. He is a native Texan and has a substantial dislike for the Midwest during the late winter and spring because it is ugly and gray. In contrast, the spring is arguably the most beautiful time of the year in Texas. Additionally, spring is also the start of crawfish season. You can not get decent crawfish in the Midwest.
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