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Oscar was born in Spain and, almost from day one, could be found with a pen and paper in his hand. He loved to draw - anything and everything. And, as soon as he was old enough, he collected all his crayons, colouring pencils and pens together and moved to America; where he studied Advertising and Photography.

After graduating, Oscar relocated to London and became an Art Director for a well-known Advertising Agency. This gave him the chance to do what he loved - and get paid for it. During this time, his passion grew and he began to work as a freelance Illustrator too.

Oscar has now set up illustrationsbyoscar - his own business offering bespoke illustrations for all occasions. He's successfully completed work for advertisements, T-shirt designs, greetings cards, wedding stationary, calendars and brochures amongst other things.

And, most importantly, he still loves every minute of it!
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