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Emanuele Alfieri aka “Impossibile”, born in 1980 in Italy, lives and works in Milan.
He has spent most of his life studying Art, its histoy and many of its possible applications.
In 2006 Emanuele graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in set design and classical theatre and opera scenography using the latest technologies in light shows and stage sculptures.
Since 1997, he has produced painted props, special mock-ups and live art performances for world wide known brands: IBM, Adidas, Citroen, Renault, Canon, Lexmark, Rinascente, Nestlè, Guru, Audi, Fiera Milano, Asics, Ceres and many more.
Over the years he has created countless pieces of art and has participated in numerous post-industrial era art events, live paintings, assemblages and art exhibitions both individual and collective.
His imagination is wide open and elaborates unique subjects, unreal landscapes, extreme assemblages, oniric visions of the post-industrial future and fractalic images, which he concretises mixing free hand and graphic technologies.
At the moment, besides his personal creations, Emanuale produces pieces of art and customised illustrations on commission.
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