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Jameson Wilkins is a graphic artist and web developer with more than half a decades worth of game, educational web interactions, and educational webpa...ges experience. Jameson graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design with a Bachelors in Illustration in 2010. Since then he has worked as an independent game developer, e-learning web developer, web and social media marketer, graphic artist, and even animator.

He currently works in Tampa as an E-Learning Web Developer.
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  • Jameson Wilkins
    Play Gig It Splash Screen
    Splash Screen for use in Play Gig It mobile apps.
  • Jameson Wilkins
    Soulja Boy Soundboard
    Designed assets and screenshots for Soulja Soundboard App.
  • Jameson Wilkins
    Tiara Thomas App
    Designed assets and screenshots for Tiara Thomas Soundboard App.
  • Jameson Wilkins
    Trina App
    Designed assets and screenshots for Trina Soundboard App.
  • Jameson Wilkins
    Stimulating Software Logo Process
    Process and pitched logo's for mobile app company Stimulating Software.
  • Jameson Wilkins
    Nifty Niche Logo
  • Jameson Wilkins
    Antonsons Apps Logo
    Logo for mobile app company.
  • Jameson Wilkins Apps Logo
    Logo for mobile apps company.
  • Jameson Wilkins
    Instructional Handout
    Instructional handout for game development classes aimed at teens.
  • Jameson Wilkins
    Ant City UI Elements
    User Interface elements for the browser MMO Ant City.
  • Jameson Wilkins
    Puzzle Arcade UI
    This UI is sleek and simple, showing (from left to right) the players health, number of bombs, energy, and score. The ring of bars around the combo multiplier indicates the amount of time before the combo is reset.
  • Jameson Wilkins
    Minecart Madness Start Screen
    Start screen for the Android App "Minecart Madness".
  • Jameson Wilkins
    Sarasota Bay Rancho UI
    User Interface for the edutainment title "Sarasota Bay Rancho".
  • Jameson Wilkins
    Sarasota Bay Rancho Inventory Screen
    Inventory Interface for the edutainment title "Sarasota Bay Rancho".
  • Jameson Wilkins
    Adaptable UI 1
    For my indie game "A Nation of Wind", I designed an adaptable UI that changed based on the "mode" the player was in. This way it only displayed information relevant to the current mode. This is the Combat UI.
  • Jameson Wilkins
    Shop Interface
    This is the shop menu for my indie game "A Nation of Wind". I wanted to make sure it displayed all the relevant information to the player for shopping without having to navigate additional menus or screens.
  • Jameson Wilkins
    Options Screen
    Options screen menu for my indie title "A Nation of Wind".
  • Jameson Wilkins
    Space UI Mockup
  • Jameson Wilkins
    "MyCity" User Interface
    User interface for a never-released City-ville-esque game.
  • Jameson Wilkins
    Perils and Possibilities Logo
    This logo was created for use in a iOS "Choose your own adventure" app.
  • Jameson Wilkins
    Rap Tap App Screenshot
    "Tapper" mobile app. Artwork, design, and promotional work all original.

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  • Video Game Assets 25 files
  • Graphic and UI Design 21 files
  • Illustration 19 files
  • Pixel Art 15 files
  • Web Development 16 files