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"“While I don’t like interpreting my work for other people, I enjoy sharing it and hearing alternative meanings.”

"I work in a digital format and use a variety of processes to get the finished image. Sometimes I need to go beyond what I’m envisioning to realize the end result"...


JONHOMER remembers working on his first oil painting at age seven and has worked with an assortment of artistic mediums in the seven plus decades since.

Retiring after forty years as a practicing architect in the San Francisco bay area, JONHOMER returned to art in early 2000.
His work demonstrates the mechanics of an architect and the creative insight of an artist.

Starting with a blank background he combines selective color pallets with drawing and programming tools
to create his stylized images on a computer. Bringing the artwork to an esthetic completion calls for experimenting with a variety of materials and inventive concepts, incorporating technology along with more traditional methods of art, architecture and design.

His style continues to evolve and emerge
in 2013
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