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Jose Miguel Perez Hernandez

Jose Miguel Perez Hernandez Fine Art

The plastic world of Jose Miguel Perez Hernandez catches the unmistakable rhythm and the high color of Cuba. We are before a work that overflows solid...arity, love, fraternal blinks, warmth of living to plenitude, eroticism, chromatic exuberance that appropriates without compromising avarices of the codes and of the plastic language of his time. Show more

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  • Jose Miguel Perez Hernandez
    Technique: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 102 cm x 76 cm Year: 2015 Comment: Beautiful artwork in which the artist paints an intimate moment in the couple. The purity of a kiss, the pictorial gesture where the freshness, spontaneity make this painting a gestural work. The color range, as well as the drawing is put in function of the conceptual load. The colors, its intensity, as the structure of the drawing give us the most beautiful kiss.