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Julia Kerschbaumer is an illustrator based in the lovely suburbs of Vienna, Austria. Her illustrations show a mix of plain shapes and retro textures, interconnected and overdone forms, often combined with lettering. Secondary she works in the fields of graphic design, conception, art direction, hand lettering and creative writing, which also influence her illustration style. Her artwork reflects how she sees the world, whats important to her or what influenced her in life. So you will see a lot of animals, music, humour and retro/vintage related things, as well as environmental or political topics. Her work has been recognized by Communication Arts, 3x3 Magazine, Lürzers Archive and Creative Quarterly.
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Phone: 707.822.5500 [Office]
Phone: 415.285.8267 [Office]
Phone: 212.997.0115 [Office]
Phone: 707.825.6600 [Fax]

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