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[Awards/Selected Works]

-Nominated in a final selection of 'FUNKY 802 digmeout audition' by FM802 (2007/Osaka, Japan)

- Itaru Hirama Photo Award (2006/Tokyo, Japan)
*Second Prize
+Selected by Itaru Hirama, a fashion, celebrity photographer.

- TPS14 by Texas Photographic Society (2005)
+Selected by Ben Breard, Director of Afterimage Gallery.

- Telfair Art Fair held by Telfair Museum of Art (2004)
*Best Prize
+Selected by William U. Eiland, Director of the Georgia Museum of Art.

- TPS13 by Texas Photographic Society (2004)
+Selected by Sue Brisk, The Editor Director of Magnum Photos.

- IMAGE04 by ASMP-NY (2004)
*Best prize
*Honorable mention
*Juror choice by Julie Claire (Photo director, Time Inc.)
*Juror choice by Sarah Hasted (Photo director, Ricco Maresca Gallery, NY)
The ASMP-NY jury panel included Vince Aletti (Art Critic, The Village Voice), Maria Marrocchino (Art Buyer, Wunderman Advertising) and Ivan Shaw (Photo Director, Vogue Magazine).

[Group Exhibition]

2005.09 Design Center of Austin (TX)
2005.07 Visual Arts Gallery (NY)
2004.12 Center for Contemporary Art (TX)
2004.11 Telfair Museum of Art/Tenth Annual Telfair Art Fair(GA)
2004.09 Design Center of Austin (TX)
2004.07 Thomas Werner Gallery (NY)

[Selected works for publications]

CMYK magazine(#26/2004)