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Kari Detagra


Renoir said when creating paintings he always tried to depict a scene that he would enjoy walking through.

Like Renoir, I create images that I wish... I could explore. I always wonder what's over the next ridge or outside the frame of many of the pictures I've created. Sometimes this curiosity results in another picture and sometimes it does not. Since there is other work that needs to be done, or other worlds of imagination that need to be explored, or deadlines which need to be met, or whatever, sometimes there simply is no time to continue exploring what's over the next ridge or outside the frame.

But that doesn't mean I won't keep trying.

Oh, by the way... I'm an illustrator who is available to do illustrations for children's publications, advertising, magazines, books, company media, greeting cards, film, games, and much much more.

I will work my hardest to create illustrations that you will love and make your finished product look great, and I am always available for new illustration assignments. Please contact me at It would be great to work with you on your next project.

For more samples of my work, please see my personal website at
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    Art from "The Monster Bakery."
    Kari Detagra - Art from "The Monster Bakery."