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I am Kotryna Zukauskaite aka Kata, a freelance illustrator currently working from Vilnius, Lithuania (though my life experience also includes living in London and Moscow).

My head is full of random scientific and historic facts that are not connected in any logical order but it helps to start a conversation. I'm also a coffee addict who loves a good read in a balcony and listens to Neil deGrasse Tyson on the youtube while working.

If this is enough to impress you, feel free to drop me a line:

(includes, but is not limited to):

The Washington Post • Morningstar Advisor • New Scientist • Appelberg • Scientific American • Jacobin Magazine • Random house • Seven • MerchantCantos • Brunswick Review • Evolution Magazine • Harvard Law Bulletin (HLB) • Radcliffe Magazine • HERO Marketing • Savills • Alma Littera publishing • Wombi (apps) • Peek & Cloppenburg (Style-Cafe La Cité) • King Deluxe • Šviesa publishing • Lithuanian National Television, and others.

(includes, but is not limited to):

• Editorial illustration • Popular Science illustration • Corporate illustration • Annual Reports • Data, Charts & other Info graphics • Economics • Finances, Investing, Makets, Banking, Money • Law • Business, Strategy & Leadership issues • Professional or Institutional issues • Metaphors, Symbols & other figures of speech • Patterns • Schemes and Structures (tetris, origami, lego, etc) • any other challenging assignment

Conceptual, Geometric

Vector shapes filled in with scanned hand-made patterns and textures to make them look more like a paper collage rather than a digital artwork.
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