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Image make who likes playing with paint, collage and a computer!

Some of the people I've really enjoyed working with....

New York Times. Adobe Systems Europe. British Telecom. Barclays. British Airways. Boots. Business In Communication Magazine. Community Care Magazine. Dorling Kindersley. Economist. Elle. Elmwood. EMAP. European Commission. Financial Times. Gillette. GlaxoSmithKline. Good Housekeeping Magazine. GQ. Greene King Brewery. Haymarket Group. Harper Collins. IBM. Inside Housing Magazine. IMPAC. Macmillan Publishing. Mitsubishi. New Scientist. Oxford University Press. Observer. Picador. Penguin Books. People Management. Prospect. Radio Times. Redwood Publishing. Royal Mail Stamps. Scholastic. SD Scicon. Tesco. Televisual. Times Newspapers. Touche Remnant. WWF. Yorkshire Television.