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Not one that be particularly fond of blowing my own horn, (though that gives one pause for a thought, if you’ve gone through the trouble of acquiring said horn why not play a merry tune upon it?), now as I were about to start with, I shall provide you with a bit of a bio about myself, this, by an accord with my wife. She stridently insisted, I reluctantly relented. “Make it good and short!” she said. Being of froward and rebellious character I may wax eloquent in part.

I was born with a silver ink pen in my mouth. My entire childhood I’ve know nothing but drawing and doodling, all before puberty, afterwards, and hence it were mostly doodling. In High School, I filled the margins of books and homework with elaborate illustrations and stared blankly at the teachers and the girlies. Fortune arrived at that point in time and I became a political and humor cartoonist with the Scripps-Howard newspaper chain. I maintained that occupation and sundry art related employments through art college as well, that being the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale.

I‘ve had providence and kismet accompany my muse and I throughout my art career. I’ve received scholarship to F.S.U. for cartooning and Fine Art. I have congeries of newspaper editorial cartoonist awards and the akin hodgepodge recognitions for cartooning and illustration of national advertising ad campaigns. I have been in numerous magazines, book illustration and very prominent advertising agencies.

Fortune, again, entertained herself on my behalf by introducing me to the late, great Will Eisner, who I corresponded with in letters. I have those papers cached away. In one letter he gave me the advice- “Thick lines m’boy! You need to draw thicker, heavier lines. A bit more weight to yer line quality”. Well, I paraphrased a bit, there’s been a bit of a passage of time since I’ve last cast my eyes on that letter.

Still it’s in my Nature to be froward and rebellious. I’ve a thing for wispy, spidery delicate line-work, love you still Will!

K.W. King

© Kevin King 2009 Artist retains all copyrights
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