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Seattle photojournalist Kevin P. Casey was drawn to the still camera at an early age taking his Dad’s heavy-duty Canon FT QL to capture his best friend airborne on a Huffy bike from Sears ill equipped for stunts. Kevin's fascination with documenting people and events has earned him numerous awards and taken him on assignments across the globe. In addition to ongoing projects he is working on he spends time photographing the Saint Joseph Ballet in Orange County California regularly. And he still enjoys the excitement of freezing the artists flying through air.

Whether it's photographing war in the Middle East, whale hunting in the Russia’s easternmost region or Major League Baseball hopefuls in the Dominican Republic, Kevin has endeavored to capture images that are both compelling and intimate.

An honors graduate of the School of Visual Communications at Ohio University, Kevin began his photojournalism career at the nearby Akron Beacon Journal. From there, he moved west to the Los Angeles Times, and covered a wide range of National and International stories for more than a decade.

After documenting the invasion of Iraq and the early days of U.S. occupation there, Kevin returned home and set his sights on a new challenge – freelancing on his own in photojournalism, focusing more on magazine photography.

Working independently has been a dream come true for Kevin. Now, he works on a variety of assignments, with a wider range of subjects, for publications worldwide. He finds that constantly changing demands, working closely with subjects and collaborating with clients is often the most rewarding part of the job.
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