This is Gilli. “It’s been very isolating but at the same time I’ve felt closer...” Check out Life.onPause. document…
   [ Mon Aug 10th 4:49 pm ]
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Artist Message

It’s all about the feeling.  Authentic, thoughtful and cinematic imagery. That’s how I see the world. I work well with others, there’s no ego on set. Quick, intuitive. Fast and light. 

I'm always looking for that emotional moment, of genuine care and expressive gestures within strong compositions.   

Stills and Motion. It's all Storytelling: As well as directing for broadcast spots, I’ve worked on episodic productions, run & gun docs and embedded sideshooting on commercial spots.

Based in Austin with footprints in LA, Philly and NY.

Archive Int'l 200 Best Ad Photographers
Best of Show APA National Awards
AP29 American Photography
1st place APA National Awards (action)
2nd place in 6th grade spelling bee


Web Links

kevsteele portfolio website


LinkedIn profile


Contact Kevin Steele


805-895-7868 (Mobile)


Austin, TX 78746


Doug Truppe
NY, NY 10016
Phone: 212.685.1223

Contact Rep: Doug Truppe





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