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Kimberly Metz hails from a long line of artists, musicians & accomplished agents/producers.
William Randolph Hearst’s personal photographer was her great-great uncle Edward Otis Phillips
and serves as her main inspiration for her craft. Her great uncle Peter Duchow was agent to
Lee Majors, as well as an Emmy award winning producer with James Garner and Lee Remick
and her paternal great grandmother was an accomplished fine artist which shaped her artistic talent. Finally, Kimberly’s father was a very
talented musician who was in the band that originally wrote the popular song “Wipe out.”
Her obvious genetic predispositions are qualified in her well rounded free spirited artistic vision.

What sets Kimberly apart from her adversaries, is that she’s been in front of the lens
scrutiny which enables her to closely relate to her subjects helping them
feel at ease. As a child, Kimberly would dress her barbies up like rock stars, so she has always had an affinity to make everyone around her a "ROCK STAR"; With her keen sense of humor and down to earth spirit Kimberly has been
able to successfully photograph a wide variety of personalities. Her versatility coupled with a shoot ratio higher than most (meaning it is difficult to choose images because most are right on the money) as well as being an expert in digital manipulation it's a one stop shop! Not to mention, shoots run smoother resulting in fewer exchanges with less hassle which stems from having years of experience since the age of 15 when she was given a PENTAX by her father. Kimberly is a unique individual with a rare ability to bring satisfaction to all who hire her. She is an avid humanitarian and donates to organizations such as Flashes of Hope (children with cancer), American Red Cross and the American Cancer Society as well as donating her time to other charitable causes.
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