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Skull:z & Idols
  Skull:z & Idols

Oliver Wetter




A very limited batch will be available on San Diego Comic Con 2013 exclusively! Come to booth 1019 to get your limited signed copy.
Future editions of this book will include new works as this series grows. Come back often and support this project by sharing or purchasing.
Official release with regular pricing is July 24. 2013.
The series is a long-term tribute, an approach to combine caricature, fan art, graphic design and pop art at the same time. This is what Iconography means to me and stands for on the cover of this book. I won´t recreate what has been done 1000 times before, but give my ideas room for expression. Skulls are timeless, fascinating and therefore perfect subjects for this revolutionary portraiture series.

About the Author
Oliver Wetter
FantasioX Konz, Rheinland Pfalz, Germany
Fantasio, aka Oliver Wetter, is an artist & illustrator. In active duty since 2009, specialised in the creation of fantasy and belletristic book cover art.
Besides the commission based work, he creates sculptures and collectible edition artworks that are shown and recognized internationally.

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