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Lydia's Golden Drum
  Lydia's Golden Drum

Neale Osborne




An Arabian Nights-inspired adventure set on a delectable world that’s sweet enough to eat.

Somewhere - only the spirits know where - the sinister Jampyr sorceress Kafeena is brewing her vile plans for revenge. And so, the powerful toffee chef Elixa asks Lydia (and her tin drum) for help. Together, in a luxury gateau-boat cruiser, their group embarks upon a dangerous journey across the Spyssi isles: places of sages, firebirds, liquor jinns, places where the night sky is all alight with a sherbet comet.
A magical quest to find Kafeena, and cure the world of the Jampyra forever.

‘Lydia’s Golden Drum’ is the stand-alone sequel to Neale Osborne's acclaimed debut ‘Lydia’s Tin Lid Drum’ (Oxford University Press, 2009); garnished with maps and many decorative illustrations, it is a veritable feast of literary fantasy.
(The e-book also comes in a delicious Deluxe Edition, complete with an extra side-dish chapter ‘A History of Planet Plenti’, which serves up an overview of Lydia’s world - from life’s first stirrings in the soupy seas to the modern era of internet e-recipes.)


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