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Jason Rascal's Mad Summer Games
  Jason Rascal's Mad Summer Games

Neale Osborne




Jason ‘Jase’ Rascal is just an ordinary twelve-year-old boy. (He's grown a bit since Spring!) His daydreams, however, are quite another story - for whenever Jase dozes off he enters bizarre parallel worlds where he often seems to find himself in very real danger …

Season Two: ‘Mad Summer Games’ ( or ‘Sports Galore on Fairbourne Shore’ )

One sunny summer day at the seaside, Jase dozes off whilst playing a computer game - only to wake in a virtual desert where he is met by the Inter-Newt, a sandy salamander who gives him a series of sporting trials: eight strange games to complete before the sun runs out of power.

Jase has to race in a millipede truck … fight spidery Sand Invaders armed with a frisbee … play crazy golf against four giant scorpions … help a team of seagulls win at beach ball soccer … go surfing the silver sea on a crocodile board … compete with lobsters at octopus-tennis … be a life-sized pinball chased by ghosts …
And, as if the trials weren't tricky enough, his desert world has been infiltrated by a snaky mutating virus bug!
Can Jase even make it to the last crazy game - or will his life be (bli-blip) Game Over?

Funny, frantic, fast-paced fun - for children of the video age.

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