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Lydia’s Enchanted Toffee
  Lydia’s Enchanted Toffee

Neale Osborne




Visit the ice-cream fields of Froza … the sinister and magical Black Forest of Delisha … the fossil-filled biscuit caves of Kukido … the cocoa- and coffee-rich lands of Tangiya … and the dragon-haunted orchards of Jamatarta.

Planet Plenti is a most extraordinary place - a world of incredible edible delights; of confectionery minerals, fizzy pop springs, forests and jungles full of delectable plantlife …

And yet, for children in the land of Likrishka, life is less than ordinary, and mostly very grim - as the Likrish population lives under the watchful rule of Stannic, a tin-skinned tyrant, a Master Chef who commands an army of robot police. Thus nine-year-old Lydia faces a future slaving away in a factory camp -
But the girl was born with a mysterious power over metal (when she eats a special type of toffee) …
and, one eventful day, she meets a gang of other children with strange sweetie powers: the deadly Bull’s-Eye, razor-toothed Jawbreaker, fire-breathing Peppermint, super-fast Hazel Whirl - there’s Marshmallow, Lolly, Sugar, Dolly Mixture, Cocoa and Marzipan … and together, they must travel across the robot-controlled Candi-Lands, on a treasure hunt for magic sweets that will help to defeat the villainous Chef … and return their world to its sweetest, once more.

This beautiful new illustrated edition of Neale Osborne’s debut ‘Lydia’s Tin Lid Drum’ (Oxford University Press) - is now available in this ‘slimline’ paperback. A tasty fantasy for children of all ages.

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