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Jason Rascal's Autumn Nightmare
  Jason Rascal's Autumn Nightmare

Neale Osborne




Jason ‘Jase’ Rascal is just an ordinary twelve-year-old boy. His daydreams, however, are quite another story - for whenever Jase dozes off he enters bizarre parallel worlds where he often seems to find himself in very real danger …

Season Three: ‘Autumn Nightmare’ ( or ‘The Hallowe’en Horrors on Hexhill Common’ )

Jase couldn’t have picked a worse time to enter one of his all-too-real dreamworlds: the evening of Hallowe’en!
Whilst on his way to a costume party, he dozes off - and finds himself lost on Hexhill Common: a spooky place with a grim reaper raven, giant grasshoppers, man-eating mantids, deathwish beetles and monster moths …

It’s Jase against the magic of the Pumpkin King!

Stuck in this seemingly-endless nightmare, Jase has to find a way to break the curse of Hexhill Common
- before he meets a grisly demise at the hands of countless Hallowe’en horrors!

Darkly comical, spooky fun from the author of ‘Lydia’s Tin Lid Drum’.

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