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'Sweet Art - The Graphic Work Of Neale Osborne'
  'Sweet Art - the graphic work of Neale Osborne'

Neale Osborne




Beauties, beasties, firebirds, princes …
Welcome to the world of Neale Osborne, a realm of music, mischief and myth - of glamorous dancers and genius composers, stars of the stage and sirens of the silver screen, of fabulous beasts and curious insects, a realm of romance, whimsy and … confectionery.
Visit the Marvelous Land of Oz, Alice’s Looking-Glass Wonderland, Jason Rascal’s Seasonal Dreamworlds, Lydia’s sweet-filled Lands of Candi -
Within these pages, a deliciously decorative world awaits …

Over the past twenty years, Neale Osborne’s distinctive illustrations have been featured on posters, CDs, and dinnerware; in books, exhibitions, concert programs, and numerous periodicals. Collecting over a hundred eclectic and decorative designs, ‘Sweet Art’ is the first published retrospective of his graphic work - with images from myth, music and theater - plus, of course, children’s literature, with pictures inspired by the ‘Alice’ and ‘Oz’ books, along with a delicious selection from his own sweet-themed ‘Lydia’ novels.
With pages of accompanying notes from the artist, this elegant black-and-white paperback comes in a generous 8.5” x 11” format.

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