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Heartbeats, Rhythms, And Fire
  Heartbeats, Rhythms, and Fire

by Jose Angel Figueroa and Illustrated by Rudy Gutierrez




Heartbeats, Rhythms, And Fire is José Angel Figueroa’s newest poetry and prose collection. As a leading writer of the Nuyorican literary movement in the United States, Figueroa is best known for his powerful social commentary and mastery of visual imagery. His writings — lyrical and rhythmic, at times autobiographical, and sometimes politically charged — do not fit neatly into one style or category. In this collection, he explores universal themes of the human experience as well as contemporary social issues with an intriguing range of approaches: poetic storytelling, short essays, monologues, and elegies. Heartbeats, Rhythms, And Fire invites the reader to question the origins of self, the construction of time, the roots of love, and the unpredictability vibrating from everyday life and crossing paths with unusual people. Figueroa’s accounts of migration journeys and racism offer an insider perspective. His narratives of poverty, violence against women, and entrenched injustice uplift the voices of everyday people, while others capture the passion and fire of activists who toppled the governor of Puerto Rico, and others like Erica Garner who fought police violence, and Oscar Lopez Rivera, the former Puerto Rican political prisoner. Figueroa shapes a voyage that ebbs and flows arriving to where he concludes, one “can’t kill relentless faith born from the spirituals of stardust and many rivers.”José Angel Figueroa is a poet, playwright, actor, editor, and professor. A master of poetic storytelling, visual imagery, and metaphor, Figueroa is best known for powerful social commentary related to the Latinx experience, the colonial oppression of Puerto Rico, and the exploitation of people of color in the United States. Among his books are: The Invisibles (coauthor George Malave), A Mirror In My Own Backstage, Un Espejo En Mi Propio Bastidor, Hypocrisy Held Hostage, Noo Jork, and East 110th Street.

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