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Some people took years to find their purpose in life, but Edric found his ever since he first drew breath. Not to say he can do anything when he was in the cradle, but from 4 years old he start flaunting his creative talent on any surface that he can reach with his hands. His bed head was decorated with power rangers in irremovable blue ink, his wardrobe is vandalized with crayons, and the wallpapers were torn to make ribbons. (Of course, he does get some serious spanking these ways)

By 6, he folded unused calendar pages into paper wallets, drew fancy watches on friends’ wrists, scribbled on balloons and sold them to fellow classmate for their lunch. Everyone was happy.

Sure, passions do evolve, but at the core of it it’s still Art/Design and Entrepreneurship. So to summarize, right now his dreams are to create illustrations and design in almost every commercial arena eg. Nike, Vogue, Marvel, Louis Vuitton and produce great design products. And not to mention making many people happy along the way.

I draw and illustrate like many illustrators and designers, but I am also capable of doing full fledged digital paintings as well as traditional ones. I am not joking, I am that talented...XD
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