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I've been a professional photographer for 10 years with a lifelong interest in photography that started when I was 15 years old. Ever since then I have been caught by the desire to take and create eye catching and photographs that mean something to me and hopefully the viewer.

Since 2001 I have freelanced for a variety of newspapers ranging from the Nationals such as the Guardian, Telegraph, The Times, The Sun, Daily Mirror and Express to name a few. Right down to local weekly newspapers with the community at the heart of what their stand for. This diverse range of experience has given me a empathy to deal with people on a personal level no matter what the story might be.

During this time I have always strived to be creative and deliver my pictures with flair and precision. From working with film at the start of my career right up to the latest high end digital cameras I have always looked into what are the trends in photography, learning from them and taking them to the next level.

Happy to take pictures of anybody and everybody from the Prime Minister one day to a person who's celebrating their 100th birthday each and every job is unique with it's own challenges that I thrive on which makes this job the best in the world.

I cover the following Press, Sport, Reportage, Weddings, Public Relations and pretty much anything else that needs photographing to meet your deadline and to your budget.
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