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Mark Orr resides in Henry County,Indiana. He is the author of the books of photography; "A Midwest Pictorial" and "21st Century Photography" which features Mark's photography along with the photography of 21 other photographers from around the world. Mark collaborated on the album cover for the German musician/composer Mindmovie's (Achim Wierschem) first solo CD entitled "An Ocean of Dreams". Mark's work has been exhibited in local art centers and the Henry County Historical Society Museum. His photographs have appeared in the Indiana Preservationist magazine and several other magazines and publications. No less than 12 of Mark's photos were the inspiration for poems by the Irish poet Richard McSweeney in his latest book titled "Unto Lineage Royal". Several of Mark's photos were purchased for use on the Showtime TV series "United States of Tara" Season 3. Mark's work has been described as hauntingly beautiful and his love for candid photography of the people and places in his area of Indiana as empathetic, nostalgic and charming. Henry County was the setting for Ross Lockridge Jr.'s epic novel "Raintree County, and Mark recently published an homage to the author of the book and the people involved in the film of the same name, titled Raintree County Memories.

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