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Mark Matcho

MARK MATCHO is an LA-based illustrator and artist. His bold, concept-driven illustrations have been featured in publications far and wide since 1990.

Matchos striking work has been selected and acknowledged in award annuals such as American Illustration, 3x3, Society of Illustrators, Society of Illustrators (LA), The Society of Publication Designers, and Prints Regional Design Annual.

He looks forward to working with you!


Clients Include:

The New York Times
The Hollywood Reporter
The Wall Street Journal
Frankfurt Allgemeine
The Los Angeles Times
Penguin Books
Random House
Reader's Digest
Vanity Fair
Entertainment Weekly
Sports Illustrated
Food & Wine
Marin Theater Company

...and many more
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  • Mark Matcho
    Cover Your Mouth
    Personal work: proposed poster for the Ministry Of Information of a fictional nation, exhorting citizens to cover their mouths when coughing and/or sneezing
  • Mark Matcho
    Covid Sun
    Personal piece. In a matter of a few days, we went from toilet paper jokes to realizing just how dire the situation was.
  • Mark Matcho
    Personal piece. We're not under curfew, but we were, and given the ever-changing nature of our circumstances, who knows what's coming down the pike?
  • Mark Matcho
    Personal piece. A few weeks into the lockdown, I began to suspect I'd contracted the Corona virus- and this is what it felt like
  • Mark Matcho
    Mask Chic
    For Stanford magazine, for a piece predicting that masks will become more chic in 2021. Her 'do is a nod to the fantastic '70s British sci-fi series, UFO
  • Mark Matcho
    Keeps Em Flying
    Personal piece. Early on, a chief concern seemed to be: will there be enough toilet paper to go around?
  • Mark Matcho
    Masked Skull
    I mean...didn't you? Self-promotional piece, on the one-year anniversary of the pandemic, masks, and social distancing
  • Mark Matcho
    Personal piece done at the start of the pandemic, when it seemed that our biggest concern might be the way we greeted one another

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