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"Creative thinking is a process in which ideas are born through intuition, developed through perception, and implemented through reason"
“I believe in the power of the photo’s magic, the ability to touch the soul with light and shadow; to excite through color and balance”. “Through the eye of a photographer a glance becomes a romance, wind becomes a dancer when introduced to fabric, and motion is stopped in a heightened sense with the click of a shutter”. “I strive for that split-second magic that happens when motion, mood and mystery by come together to form powerful color, and black & white photographs”. “The many forces within my life have influenced my vision”.” From the early images I grew up seeing by Avedon and Skrebneski, my time living in Paris and New York, the friends I adore from Milan to L.A., and the compelling memory of Miami Beach; all have shaped me in quite an indescribable way”. "I enjoy the challenge of creating modern images, powerful visual stories that speak effectively of life and the many ways we live it”.” Art, images, visual; it's all is like water to me”. “I need it to survive”. “Through the years I've taken many timely images which have become timeless of women, movie-stars, and personalities."
“I have photographed campaigns that I have charged tens of thousands of dollars for and I have captured images that I have charged nothing for”. “I love what I do for a living and direct that passion toward your project”.
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