Melissa Kojima -- Artist in LA LA Land   [ Illustrator ]

Artist Message


About Artist in LA LA Land:

Melissa Kojima is a Los Angeles based artist and illustrator who creates chaotically surreal images for her clients. In each image, she uses a crazy mix of mediums to achieve the teeter between control & out-of-control. Fashion, nature, circuses, monster movies and quirky comedies inspire her. She mashes them together in a new and wild fantasy.

As an Illustrator:
she helps newspapers, magazines, colleges and filmmakers capture their audience with visual storytelling.

Clients: Los Angeles Times,Los Angeles, CA/ Jellyjar Shirt Design/"Forth" West L.A. art magazine/ "Revista Larva" Colombian illustration magazine/ "Chto chitat" Moscow book magazine/ Ballard & Tighe educational publisher/ "Mad About Ballroom" Website/ "Otsuma Women’s College" in Tokyo/ Sexual Assault Support Services Eugene, Oregon.

As a Fine Artist:
she sells original art and takes commissions.

Galleries: : Gallery Nucleus, Alhambra, CA/Ghetto Gloss, Los Angeles,CA/ Launch Pad Gallery, Portland, Oregon/ Tender Loving Empire, Portland, Oregon/ Cannibal Flowers, Los Angeles, CA/ Pharmaka Gallery, Los Angeles/ James Cohan Gallery, New York City, NY/ 2nd City Council, Long Beach/ CA, Sikkema Jenkins & Co Gallery, New York City, NY/ Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach, CA.