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I'm an imaging professional, with many years experience in video/film editing and image acquisition. Now I am returning to "traditional" imaging presentation, working in many different media, from photography to mixed media and traditional media.
I'm Spanish/English, over 18 and under 60, married and a father, does that make any difference to my art and your value of it? Probably, maybe not, perhaps, but not in any way I can quantify or describe, nor explain.
I believe most art should be sold in it's original form, as an original, hence most of my work here will be only available as an original, but there will be prints available, they are not art just images of my work. What's that mean? I'm not entirely sure.
Inspired by? I'm not sure, but I appreciate and devour, Dali, Goya, Rankin, Velazquez, and everyone else on the street and in my day to day life, the mundane, the unique, the beautifully ugly, the dirt on the paths and the clouds in puddles.
I have a "thing" for pens, pencils, rollerballs, fountain pens and everything stationery related.
I am a terrible creative writer, but still I enjoy the process and endeavor to create literary worth.
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