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Milan Andric was born in 1981 in Belgrade, Serbia, where he is living and working. He is a member of Artist Association or Serbia (ULUS).
Since childhood he showed a great interest in art. His talent developed throughout his primary and secondary education, which can be followed through a large number of drawings from this period. He started studying anatomy and the human figure at The Centre for Arts Education Sumatovacka in Belgrade. Renaissance painters, especially Leonardo Da Vinci, were a great influence on his drawings.
During his study at Academy of Fine Arts, University of Belgrade he also studied philosophy and went deeper into the art world seeking to find and depict the essence of existence. He devoted two years to the research and drawing of portraits and later he developed the idea of figurative painting associated with the philosophical content.
After graduating as Master of Fine Arts he explored painting in all media, but his favourite is oil painting. Dutch painters as well as many painters of baroque, neoclassicism and expressionism had an enormous influence on his painting technique.
Milan has, through a long and consistent period of work, produced a large number of drawings and paintings. He's had a solo exhibition, Portraits, in Office of Cultural Development in Belgrade.
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